Gramercy Park, Singapore

Gramercy Park is another spectacular freehold condominium development project being offered by a distinguished developer City Development Limited [CDL]. Owning a luxurious condominium unit in this prestigious project will change your outlook about modern day living.

This new condominium will soon become an epitome of city living in its modern expediency. The many facilities can offer enjoyment to resident families at this condominium malls under a single roof. Life at this condominium can ensure a life of comfort, tranquility, and peace. There is no need to bother about security while at this premium condominium as security officers would be patrolling the area 24×7 for the well-being and safety of the residents.

A well-planned layout and great design blended with extremely livable space will offer unparalleled convenience to the residents. The well-equipped units will live up to the expectations of the residents. Gramercy Park will feature the finest architecture and an elegant design in the interiors.

The entire project has been planned such that the residents would be offered ample of breathing spaces. More greens, open spaces, gardens, less lifeless buildings and no throngs of people make this residential project worth investing in. The buildings are well planned and built in a manner for accommodating the increasing need of any modern family. The minimalist design ensures that the units appear forever elegant and less cluttered.

Gramercy Park will certainly enhance the life of each family residing in the residential units of the condominium with refreshing amenities such as gymnasium, children pool, lap pool, cabanas, spa pools and a lot more. These amenities feature function halls, dining facilities clubhouses, pavilions and meeting places neatly arranged between these amenities. These will foster interactions and random meeting amongst the residents of Gramercy Park.

If you have set your heart on purchasing a luxury residence in Singapore then Gramercy Park is one address you would want to call your own! The residents of this luxurious condo would just be moving into yet another development project. They would be surrounded by unique characteristics worth flaunting. The key features of this project include:

• Location: Gramercy Park is located in District 10. It offers a lifetime opportunity for making an investment in the heart of Singapore nestled amidst tranquility and serenity
• Spacious units: The design and architecture blend of Gramercy Park offers units that are large, built for efficiency and also pleasing on the eyes
• Plethora of options: One can choose from 174 units of 2+, 3, 5-bedroom and two-storey penthouse units
• Luxury living redefined: Gramercy Parks features a high-quality finish on both exteriors and interiors. The durability and beauty of this place will last for decades
• Exceptional facilities: Secure parking, Steam Bath, Hot Tub, Sauna, Swimming Pool, Spa, Meeting Halls, Jacuzzi, Children’s Play Facilities and a lot more
• Great Investment Opportunity: You would be guaranteed extremely high rental yield when you become a Gramercy Park Investor as there is a great prospect for future price appreciation
• Safe Partnership: The developers of this prestigious project have a proven track record for living up to their commitments

Being an investor in Gramercy Park, you will become a part of the project that sets great standards for high-end luxurious living. This residence is being developed by the leading developer City Development Limited who is a veteran of over 30,000 commercial and residential projects.

Gramercy Park offers unparalleled conveniences and amenities. The communal facilities such as 24×7 surveillance, sauna, spa, Jacuzzi and a lot more implies that you would be able to greet and meet friends and family in a communal and safe environment. Life outside these residences would be equally convenient. This development project offers easy access to Expressways and MRTs. It is located conveniently where amenities for everyday living including shipping centers, entertainment, and business facilities can be easily accessed.

Unique selling points of Gramercy Park

• Prime location
• Peaceful and serene environment
• Proximity to the upcoming Orchard Boulevard MRT
• Offering by a reputed developed
• Quality finishing
• Luxury homes
• Spacious and efficient layout
• Surrounded by top schools and established amenities
• Well connected to the rest of the city by major expressways
• Good potential for capital appreciation

Gramercy Park Location
A lot of factors make location of Gramercy Park a great one.

• Being strategically located at Grange Road puts it close to the heart of public transportation networks: Newton, Bahru and Orchard MRTs and expressways such as Ayer Rajah, Central, and Pan Island.
• Residents can enjoy all amenities because of its closeness to supermarkets, entertainment centers, shopping malls and groceries
• It is located in vicinity to dozens of colleges, schools, and kindergartens which can be beneficial for families which children
• Exceptional facilities are offered by this project such as workout center, children’s playground, parking centers, BBQ pits, swimming pool and a lot more

If you are looking for a residence that is a great place and located ideally, then Gramercy Park meets all the criteria that are looking for.

Project Details
The show flat of this development project is located next to Wheelock Place along the Orchard Boulevard. This has not been opened to the public yet. This condominium has been designed with an upward curve and features two 24-storey towers. Although the unit appears as a deck of card that has been piled too high, it is a strong and sturdy addition to the collection of upmarket condominiums in the vicinity. Gramercy Park is the only freehold development which is located along Grange Road.

The vast land area of this development project is ripe for offering a lot of premium facilities. A major percentage of the land on this project has been set aside for greenery. The reflective gardens and the grand lawn comprise of common facilities which makes it grander. Other common facilities offered include an aqua gym pool, 50m grand pool, play pools, jet pools and spa pools. This implies that there is a pool for every activity that you wish to indulge in within the condominium premises.

All units irrespective of their size come with private lifts. This implies that the respective floors can be accessed with the aid of a card programmed for a particular resident of a particular floor. The lift opens up to a private lobby. All units feature balconies except the ones present on the first floor as these have been offered a private patio instead.

The smallest units feature 2 bedrooms with a study and these have been developed on 1,184 square feet. This makes these one of the largest 2-bedroom units being offered in Singapore. Homogenous designing have kept things uniform in this development project.

The number of rooms and the overall floor size may differ for each unit. However, a similar feel is offered whether you are standing within a 4-bedroom unit or a 2-bedroom unit. The penthouses offered as a part of this development project offer a different experience altogether because of their different layout and different size.

With the launch date of the show flat nearing, CDL is yet to commence the sale of its units. While indicative prices and actual transaction data have been revealed, there may be a possibility of rental potential. The rental prices may include maintenance feels and may be much higher in comparison to the residential units located in the vicinity of Gramercy Park. With higher quantum units, the indicative rental yield may fluctuate between 2.1 percent to 3.14 percent. For units of 2,100 to 2,200 square feet range, the monthly transacted rent varies from $8000 to $10,000.

An address at Grange Road can be considered to be synonymous with the term affluence. A lot of condominiums are located here which feature hundreds of units of decent habitable sizes. Gramercy Park looks a lot different from its competitors. The curved glass sculptures differ from the rest of condominiums located in the vicinity. The windows feature aluminium sun-shading screens and glass screens for minimizing the impact of the scorching sunlight.

The units in this residential project start big which is a rarity in the city of Singapore. A 2-bedroom apartment is big enough for a family of three or four. The location of this project is peaceful. Although Grange Road is busy all the time, the Gramercy Park residents would be protected abundantly from most of the sounds.

Gramercy Park is an attractive looking development. The units have been designed to be spacious and grand as per the floor plans. Although the starting prices seem a little higher in an area that is not loaded with all the facilities, it is one of the luxurious residences being offered on Grange Road. People can invest in this development project for the perceived status of the area and also for the inherent exclusivity being encompassed by Gramercy Park.

World-class amenities
Gramercy Park features premium facilities that are at par in comparison to the facilities offered by other condominiums in Singapore. It offers everything that you can ever ask for. It features a big clubhouse where you can chill with your friends after a hectic day at work. There is a swimming pool and gym so that the residents can remain fit. There is a separate pool for the young residents in the condominium. A lot more is offered for enhancing the experience of the residents.

Because of the proximity to the MRT stations and the public transportation systems that pass by this condominium, there are ample of opportunities presented to the residents of Gramercy Park for dining, shopping, and entertainment. There are major establishments in the vicinity. The Great World City and Valley Point at Grange are few malls located in the vicinity of the Gramercy Park where the residents can hang out.

The residents can visit the Orchard Road Shopping belts as it is easy to get a public transportation ride from the condominium. There is no need to worry about education facilities in the locality. A wide range of reputed educational institutions are present just outside the Gramercy Park Condo which include River Valley Primary School, International School Singapore, and Overseas Family School.

About the architect planners
NBBJ was developed during 1943 which is a world renowned company that has existence in major cities all over the globe including Los Angeles, London, Pune, Beijing, San Francisco, Shanghai, Seattle, Columbus, and Boston. NBBJ is the co-architect of Gramercy Park residence project. It has been named as one of the top ten innovative firms for architects for two consecutive years.

The firm is popular for its passion for offering highly sustainable projects as well as for offering innovative designs. The architects are renowned for their collaboration with Samsung, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft for delivering highly productive and stunning spaces. Their designers and architects have a flare for coming up with disruptive ideas that can have a long-lasting impact on the surroundings.

Gramercy Park will become one of the distinguished clients of NBBJ which already has clients such as Cleveland Clinic, NYU Medical Center, Cambridge University and Stanford University. NBBJ has collaborated with OHSAS, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001-certified planners for offering a local touch to the design of Gramercy Park.

About the developers
City Developments LTD [CDL] is a Singapore listed property and global hotel conglomerate. It is the proud developer of Gramercy Park. The company has been creating a buzz in the Singapore property development scene since 1963. It owns and manages a network of properties which includes hospitality properties over 27 countries in Australia, New Zealand, North America, Middle East, Europe and Asia.

It would not be wrong to describe CDL as the largest landlord of Singapore as it owns over 7.8 million square feet of residential, hospitality, industrial, office and retail space both internationally and locally. The company has demonstrated stellar development and has an enviable track record in Singapore. It has offered more than 30,000 premium projects covering a broad array of market segment. The company works through a massive network of 350 subsidiaries and related companies. It as well has a huge bank of property yet-to-be developed.